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Will you ever give up on helping others?
Outstanding article by Jim Kennard of the Food for Everyone Foundation about Plant Disease Prevention and Contr...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Organic gardening 2010 mittleider totals

I am always amazed at how strong the plants in my Mittleider garden are.

This year I grew mostly heirloom seeds just to mention a few of the varieties I grew

Habanero Peppers



California Wonder Peppers

Roma Tomatoes

Yellow Pear Tomatoes

Cubenelle Peppers

Black Krim Tomaotes

Delicious Tomatoes

Organic Garlic

Super Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes

Health Kick Tomatoes

You can see video about my 2010 Mittleider organic garden here

What I do with most of my vegetables is chop them up and freeze them I call it my Vegetarian meal starters.

Next year I plan on building a greenhouse and also using Mittleider garden row covers to extend my season.

As I get more experience I am sure I can turn my Mittleider garden into a full time gardening business. I cant wait to get into the soil next spring

This is all part of my strategy to start my own Homestead, I want to use solar and hydro power and be totally off grid. But I will still need Internet access :):)

Happy gardening and I would like to give a big shout out to Jim Kennard of the Gardening Non-Profit Food for Everyone Foundation who teaches the Mittleider method.

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I harvested my last Organic Peppers this week