Monday, November 02, 2009

Cost of Fertilizers

Availability and relative value of Nitrogen sources

The cost of fertilizers has increased almost 50% in the past year, and some things have gone up more than that. We have not passed on all of the increase to the distributors, because we want people to be able to afford the fertilizers, but one of these days you may treasure your garden seeds and fertilizers much more that you do now. My advice is to always buy enough for a couple of years.

If it's cold, you may have plants suffering nitrogen starvation, even while you are feeding them nitrogen. The
reason for this is that the only forms of nitrogen we can buy any more are not immediately available to the plants in cold weather.

Ammonium Nitrate (34-0-0) is the only one that really does a good job of feeding plants in cold weather, and it can't be purchased most places in the USA because of fears someone will use itto make a bomb.

Protecting your plants and warming the soil with hoops and clear plastic will help, but I recommend you write your congressman and senator and tell them to make this essential nutrient available to the 99.9% of Americans who need it.

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