Sunday, October 25, 2009


Radishes are an excellent thing to plant if contamination of the soil is suspected. They are hardy, will grow quickly, and show symptoms of deficiencies, disease, etc. well.

Meanwhile, apply the Pre-Plant fertilizer mix in the recommended dosages of 2# in each 18" X 30' soil bed or Grow-Box, and add Weekly Feed to each bed at the rate of 1# in each 18" X 30' bed or box.
If you ordinarily do not receive more than 20 inches of rain each year, one flooding certainly will not change the pH and make your soil acidic. Therefore, if you normally receive under 20" of rain per year, the Pre-Plant mix should have gypsum, instead of lime, so it doesn't raise your pH, but it does everything else lime will do.

The chances are slight, but flood waters could bring disease into your garden from your neighbors, etc.

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