Thursday, October 22, 2009

Winter Storage of Potatoes

Rather than applying something to your potatoes to inhibit their
ability to sprout, may I suggest you do the following: Plan to
store only healthy, blemish-free tubers, then cure them after
harvest by holding them in moist air for 1 to 2 weeks at 60 to 75
degrees. Temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit are necessary to
allow any wounds to heal.

After curing, lower the storage temperature to between 35 and 40
degrees for winter storage. Late-grown potatoes keep well for
several months if stored properly - even in basement storage rooms
and cellars. They keep best in moderately moist air.

Store your potatoes in the dark to prevent them from turning green.
Forty degree temperatures are better than 35, because potatoes
stored at 35 degrees for several months tend to become sweet.
However, this condition usually can be corrected by holding the
potatoes at about 70 degrees for a week or two before you use them.

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