Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What is the Mittleider Method Gardening

Aa new group member, asks a good question for anyone who has joined us without already having read one or more of Dr. Mittleider's books. I'll try to answer her succinctly enough that all who care to read this may benefit.

The Mittleider Method of vegetable gardening is the result of 57 years' of world-wide experience in high-yield family-based food production by Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider. His background (20 years) as a commercial grower of
bedding plants, followed by 37 years learning, improving, teaching, and demonstrating as he created 75 training programs in 27 countries, have given him a unique perspective on how to grow the most healthy food in the least space, with the least cost and effort per unit of production.

That experience is documented in the production of 9 books, 9 subject-specific manuals, and 86 video lectures. The actual books are available on the website (, digital versions are available at, and on the website as a CD in a searchable database, and we have 70 of his video lectures on CD as well.

Dr. M. has combined, revised and adapted principles from commercial hydroponic growing, greenhouse production, and truck farming into a fine-tuned recipe of instructions that when followed will give you an
excellent, high-yielding garden in virtually any climate and any soil.

Comparing the Mittleider Method with traditional methods in chart form can be helpful. You can do so by going to However, the best way to find out is to create a Mittleider garden and experience for yourself what it means to have more crisp, juicy, healthy vegetables in your small home garden than you ever thought possible.

I hope everyone is working on doing that this year, and that you'll share your successes (and your problems) with us, so that we can help you have the greatest success possible

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